The crisp cold weather set the tone for a Fall Sunday morning hike on some of the prettiest loops on the Avon Trail.
Setting out from Stratford in a carpool, 11 hikers joined hike leader Bruce Graham on the November 3 adventure. We drove to Berlett’s Road at Km 86.3, parked and hiked down the road to the entrance of the Drumlin Loop. This 2 km loop wraps around the tree line of a field where alfalfa is growing now, giving it a very green look.

Walking the loop takes you through woodlot sections as you progress in elevation toward the drumlin hill very close to Berlett’s Road. Climbing the drumlin affords one a majestic view of the surrounding area looking in all directions.

Next, we carpooled east to Notre Dame Drive, and south to Carmel-Koch Road, then further east to Km 94.5 and parked to hike on the Organic Loop. Commencing at terminus km 91.5, the trail runs for 3.5 kilometres through woodlots and along fields, some still with corn to be harvested.

The loop borders the Fertile Grounds Organic Farm on Carmel-Koch Rd. Wet conditions in the low area of the woodlot prevented us from completing the entire loop. We doubled back and walked along the edge of fields to the east and regained the path heading to the higher section of the loop.

Once back to the road, we loaded into the cars and headed east to Sandhills Road, north to Berlett’s Road again and west to Km 82 and parked. This gave us entrance to the Berlett’s Side Trail. This side trail descends and rises along the Nith River, allowing us to climb a stile and proceed along a field’s edge where cattle sometimes graze to eventually junction with the main Avon Trail.

We chose the path southeast along the Nith River, passing through woodlots and steep rises bringing us back to Carmel-Koch Road. On route, Bernard Goward met up with us and continued the hike north through a woodlot to a higher elevation and then further along the Nith River pass the rapids. We hiked northeast again following the trail until we reached Berlett’s Road. The terrain was rugged and wet in places but manageable. In total, we hiked 13.5 km.

The adventure ended back in Stratford where we enjoyed hot tea and coffee at McDonald’s across from our departure point.

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