Walker on the Shropshire Way beside Offa’s Dyke



Tom Kimber – News 


 Bruce Graham is a walker and hiker like you. He has walked many long-distance footpaths in England over the last 20 years. Last September, he walked on the Shropshire Way close to the Welsh border and loved it. So much that he is repeating the trek again in September 2024. You, too, can join Bruce for this multi-day adventure.

If you have ever wondered about walking in England, this adventure will be an excellent opportunity.

When and how? Click Here to read more about The Avon Trail sanctioned adventure’s itinerary. To learn more about the travel company Bruce uses, click Here.  See the itinerary page 3 to contact Bruce with questions about this trip.

NOTE: Bruce Graham is not a travel agent nor a licensed guide in the United Kingdom. The trip
described here is what he walked in September of 2023. Bruce would be delighted if you wish to
join him on this adventure, whether walking with him or on your own. No funds will be paid to
Bruce Graham or to The Avon Trail nor will either have  financial gain from this trip. 

Tom Kimber – News