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If you do not want to join online, please print the Application (PDF) and mail it with your cheque to AvonTrail, P.O.Box 25061, Stratford, ON, N5A 5T0.

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Membership is open to anyone willing to abide by The AvonTrail Terms of Use.

Printing your Membership Card

Members can print their Membership Cards from Your Account. You must be logged in with a valid account to access this function.


Your donations help preserve the AvonTrail. Donations are tax-deductible and receipts for donations of more than $10.00. You can also donate by purchasing your membership (select from above) or visiting the Donate Page to download an application.

The AvonTrail is a Canadian Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.  You can also donate with the purchase of your membership. Your donations help preserve the AvonTrail. Learn more… 


Entrance to Wildwood Conservation Area

Your membership card does not give you free access to parking at the main entrance.  You will be required to pay the regular entrance fee at the kiosk.  But membership does give you free admission to hike the Avon Trail running through Wildwood: km 14.0, km 20.7, km 22.0, & km 24.2 (see Parking identified in the Avon Trail Guide, Edition 9 and in the Avon Trail Part 1 in the ONDAGO app).  Avon Trail members should always carry their membership cards when in Wildwood Conservation Area.