Like the main trail, side trails too undergo changes. And these changes are now reflected in our Avon Trail  Guide and in the Avon Trail – Part 1 of 2 online map available through the ODAGO app.

The Avon Trail Guide Edition 9.5 shows the changes to the Stratford Side Trail and to the Queen Elizabeth Loop side trails. The Trail Guide with all its maps is available for purchase from the Shop on the website. Members pay $5. Non-members $10.

The Stratford Side Trail stretches for more than 9.5 km from the eastern terminus at Road 111 north of Highway 8, westward to the two separate parking areas: one on the north shoulder of Lorne Ave W,  east of O’Loane Ave.  The other parking is on the north-west shoulder of O’Loane Ave, near the intersection with Lorne Ave W.

At  km 6.1 junction your have 3 separate route options:

Both Option 1 and 2: The trail turns right (N), crosses the Avon River and then turns left.

Option 1: Follow the north bank of the river and at the fork keep right to stay on higher ground (preferably in the wet season)

Option 2: Stay left at the folk and follow the lower trail to stay close to the river.

Option 3: At km 6.1 junction, go straight ahead to follow  the Avon River’s south bank.

The Queen Elizabeth Loop 2 (QE 2) is a new edition to the Queen Elizabeth Loop 1 (QE 1). It runs for 2.7 km. For the first 750 meters, the trail is common with QE 1. After leaving QE 1, the trail arcs in a SW direction tracing a 1.2 km loop through a hardwood forest. The trail is mainly flat with short steeper sections at its southern end.

The trails are clearly identified on all maps.

Tom Kimber – News