ONDAGO is updated!

No less than eight re-routes have been incorporated into the new ONDAGO app of the Avon Trail.  All re-routes shown are updated from the last print edition, 8.0.

To access the new re-routes,

  1. Open your free ONDAGO app and find the Avon Trail, Maps 1 & 2.  You should see an exclamation point in a red dot next to each map (see attached screen shot). That indicates there is a re-route to download.
  2. Click on the red exclamation mark. That will open a screen on your device with the words, ‘UPDATE’, located in the top right corner (see second screen shot).   Click on that UPDATE button.  The download of the new re-routes will be activated and after a short time, your screen will re-load with the welcome screen.

This process needs to be repeated for the second map.

The most exciting of the re-routes is the Bamberg Creek re-route, south of Wellesley.  That was only completed and officially opened one week, ten days ago!  And now that new route is available to you on your ONDAGO app!  Look for the article in the Newsletter on the blow-by-blow account of how that happened.

If you want to hike the new route of the Bamberg Creek Bridge, see the details HERE.

If you have not downloaded the free ONDAGO app of the Avon Trail, go to www.avontrail.ca and download it from there.


Thanks to Terry, Bruce, Clive and all the other volunteers who helped make these re-routes happen.

  Bernard Goward