The new Bamberg Bridge is now up and open, thanks to the generous donations of our members, and the hard work of our crew under the direction of board member Ted Derry. We had so many donors that, given current Covid-19 restrictions, we are not able to hold the planned Bamberg Bridge Donor Hike. However, we encourage all members of the Avon Trail to take a hike to the Bamberg Bridge. It’s a beauty! There are two recommended routes to the bridge:

  1. Park at Sandhills Rd, km 83.3 (GPS Coordinates:465835, -80.716585) and hike east. The trail starts about 50m north of where the eastbound trail exits onto Sandhills Rd.  A lane with a rope across marks the entrance.  Note: shoulders are narrow on both sides of the road.  It is about a 45-minute hike along this new section, across the new Bamberg Creek Bridge to Berlett’s Rd.
  2. Park on the south side of Berlett’s Rd where the shoulders are a little wider, (GPS coordinates: 43.462242,-80.695077) and walk north.  The entrance to the trail is the laneway at 2246 Berlett’s Rd.  The bridge is about a 15-minute walk from here.