The woods South Schneider Bush

Dear Avon Trail member,

There is nothing that makes me happier than a day hiking on our Avon Trail. My weighty mood gives way to natural breathing and a chance to enjoy what’s right in front of me. Now, more than ever, I appreciate the value of the trail. Covid19 has brought many new folks to explore our trails for the first time.

The Avon Trail is 45 years old this year. It has grown from 110KM to 121KM this year, all thanks to member volunteers who have cleared, cut, and blazed the trail, built bridges and stiles and nurtured trust with landowners. We are reducing our stretches of road walking, where possible, with more off-road trails. 

Every day of the year, except Christmas, anyone can walk our trail for free. Families have made End to End hikes a summer activity, other hiking clubs and many folks new to the path, use it for a change of pace. A pathway offers everyone a healthy alternative to couch sitting. Get out, clear your head and smell the air, anytime it suits you, it’s always invigorating!  

 This letter is a direct fundraising appeal to you, an Avon Trail member, for a donation to cover the $2,000 needed to build our newest and longest 28′ Bamberg Bridge. (See President’s Report for details). This cost is for materials only; the labour is provided free by club members. The board has personally committed $500 to kick start this campaign.

A suggested one-time donation of $100 would be appreciated to  safely maintain our trail.  This amount is only a suggestion, give what you can, together we will build this bridge.

Your donations today will have a positive impact on hundreds of walkers, for families and young folks discovering the joy of a walk in the woods.  

Your gift to build the Bamberg Bridge will be noted on the bridge. As a special thank you, member donors will be the first to cross the bridge together at a commemorative hike for donors only, in celebration of our 45th Anniversary!  

Sincere thanks for your consideration,


Carol Miller, VP AvonTrail

Tax receipted donations of any amount can be made online through our website or by cheque to AvonTrail, noting for Bridgework.