February 2020

The year 2020 marks the 45th Anniversary of the Avon Trail. In celebration of this milestone, the hiking club will embark on an End to End set of Hikes, which will cover the 2020 year. Also, in-store, there will be several Family Hikes for everyone to enjoy. Be watching for these hikes as the Hike Leaders will be meeting soon to set up the next series. Once set, the Avon Trail Event Calendar will display these hikes and events.
A massive building project is on the horizon for this year. A long footbridge that will span Bamberg Creek in Wilmot Township is under consideration. This bridge will reduce the need for road walking on Sandhills Road¬† and allow the Sandhills Side Trail to become part of the main trail. But, because the bridge would sit on the flood plain, extra measures are needed to secure permission for the bridge’s installation. Costs have been estimated including plans drawn for this project.
The board of the Avon Trail is working hard to make these initiatives a reality, to be enjoyed and celebrated by everyone.

Jane Foster