Schneider Woods in snow
Avon Trail hikers who have hiked the Schneider Woods section of the trail (98.0 km )  during hiking season know it as a section of treasurable beauty on the 130 km trail. For more than 25 years the Avon Trail has threaded through the Schneider family property. And for more than 40 years the family has made it accessible to the community to use for  hiking and for cross-country skiing in a part of the season when no hiking is allowed.
What you may not know is the difficult time  the Schneider family is having with Wilmot Township. For the past 4 years the family has been trying to donate over 230 acres of land to the rare Charitable Research Reserve.
Over 230 acres of land are maintained by the Schneider family and for the past four years they have been trying to donate that land to the rare Charitable Research Reserve, to fulfill Jane Schneider’s wish. Now 94-years of age, the family matriarch wants the land kept as a conservation area that the community can continue to use.

Wilmot Township is making it challenging for the Schneider family to donate that land to conservation, as they insist a parking lot must be placed on the land and paid for by the Schneider family.

In an article published in the Kitchener City-News, the executive director of rare Charitable Research Reserve says that the “Schneider family really wants to make sure that the property is protected forever, both for conservation and for public access”.

In a letter on rare Charitable Research Reserve’s website, Jane Schneider’s family is asking for the community’s help to get the application approved before their mother passes away.

If you know people living in Wilmot Township, reach out to them regarding this matter. The Wilmot Township will listen to their constituents if enough concern is raised to resolve this matter favorably for the Schneider family.

Tom Kimber – News


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