Stamm Woods Seasonal Re-route Km 95.9 to 96.6 – Maple Sap Collection

May 1st to January 31st Route: The trail turns right (E) [do not cross fence] remaining on the sought side of the wire fence, on the same municipal path for another 130m, then right (S) for 50m.  Behind housing, the trail turns left (E) and passes between ponds (storm water management area) for about 120m towards a woodlot.  Before continuing, the on the municipal path, the trail turns left (N) and enters a privately owned sugar bush.  The trail passes through the sugar bush  and emerges on Benjamin Rd at km 96.6.

February 1st to April 30th Route:  The trail enters through an opening in the wire fence to the north side of the fence and onto the edge of a cropped field.  Immediately it turns right (E) and follows the wire fence for 200m.  Where the fence  meets the woodlot, the trail turns left (N) following the edge of the cropped field (fence on the right).  The trail continues north and emerges on Benjamin Rd. at km 96.6.  This special route avoids the sugar bush during maple sap collection time when tubing is strung between trees.

Schneider’s  and Mussleman Woods  Km 86.9 – 91.6

Please show your respect to the landowners of these two beautiful woodlots by  observing these rules for public use:

  •  No running or cycling on the trail
  • No dogs on the trail
  • Between November 15th and April 15th, the trail is reserved for cross country skiers only; absolutely no snowshoeing or walking during that period.  

Do not hike in woodlots during hunting season, November 1 to December 15.

The Avon Trail is closed in its entirety on December 25 every year as a courtesy to our generous landowners.