The Avon Trail Badges

The Avon Trail Badge

The 3.25″ circular badge (image left) costs $10.00 each and can be purchased by sending your cheque to The Avon Trail, Box 21148, Stratford, ON, N5A 7V4.


Avon Trail End to EndThe Avon Trail End-to-End Badge

You may earn a standard End-to-End badge by walking the entire Avon Trail from St. Mary’s to Conestogo. Normally, to qualify for this badge, you will complete this task in one calendar year, though completion over two consecutive years will be honoured. The standard End-to-End Badge shown (left) costs $10 and has dimensions 3.75″ x 2.25″.

Note: Before starting an end-to-end, either as an individual or as a group, email the Trail Co-ordinator and you will be informed of trail closures and re-routes. You can also check Announcements.

Once you have completed your journey, write up a short report on your experience and submit it to:
The Avon Trail,
PO Box 25061,
Stratford ON  N5A 5T0
along with your cheque payable to “The Avon Trail”.

The best times to hike the trail are in April to May and again in September to October. Hunting, starting in November, is very prominent on parts of the trail, so please refer to the Ministry of Natural Resources web site for dates and locations. The Avon Trail goes through Oxford County, Perth County and the Region of Waterloo, each with their own dates for hunting opportunities.