Notes from the May 2018 Avon Trail Board meeting
  • Tom Miller Memorial Tree is being planted this spring in the St. Marys Memorial Forest, Wildwood CA.  A dedicatory service will be held the last Sunday in August to which all are invited
  • The Board enthusiastically accepted Brian Tarr’s proposal to ‘Adopt a Highway’. Brian is looking for volunteers for this exciting new venture. Read more here
  • Almost all content on the Website is now accessible to all, not just Members including the Hike Schedule (except where private homes are part of the event) and the Photo Gallery. Check out the new Photo Galleries
  • Cindy Kimber, assisted by Maria Antonio, hosted a table at ‘The Loop: a Family Exposition’.
  • There are re-routes in the area of Berlett’s Rd) and Martin Creek Rd.  Check the website for details
  • Carol Miller and Cindy Kimber made a well-received presentation to the SABBA
  • MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Shirley Gotts Farewell Hike & Social, Sat. June 23, 3 pm at the Laws residence, 61 William St. See the website for details.  RSVP by June 12