1. Re-Route  Map 01. Ed 7.5. St. Marys diversion – km 4.9 -Line 14 (Posted 29May2019)

At the stop sign, the trail turns right, crosses a railroad track and immediately after, turns left (N) to follow the edge of a field paralleling the railway track on the left. After about 1km the trail veers right following the edge of the field, then left (N) to join a 4 wheel track through the bush. It emerges from the bush and curves right (E) between fields. A small river is on the left.  Eventually the trail reenters the bush. Emerging from the bush the trail turns sharply left (N) following the edge of the bush curving right. Three times the trail veers left off the field following parallel to it before emerging on Line15. The trail turns right  (E) and proceeds to Rd 122 where it turns right (S)  and proceeds 2.1km to the corner at Line 14. (Revised by Terry & Bernard May 7 2019).



2.  Re-Route – Map 02, Ed. 7.5  Km 37.0 to 41.9   Harmony Re-route.   Perth Rd 112 (43.406522,-80.949412) (Posted 28May 2019)

The trail crosses the road and proceeds east through hardwood forest for about 600m then continues easterly through a grove of conifers to emerge on Perth Rd 111. It then turns left(N)  and proceeds along Rd111 for 1.8km crossing Perth Line 26. After crossing a small bridge, turn right(NE) to follow Trout Creek to a drain. At the drain turn left(N) to the edge of the field, then turn right to follow the edge of the field to a north-south line of trees. Turn left(N) and proceed along the tree line till the bush is reached. Turn left (W) and proceed a few meters before turning right(N) to enter the bush. After about 10 meters turn right to join the existing 4 wheel drive road that curls round to emerge on Perth LIne 29. Turn right (E) and walk 100 meters to 41.9


3. Re-Route – SST Map and Map 03, Km 45.8  SST/Main Trail Junction Re-route Description. (Posted 29May2019).

The trail turns left (NW) along Forest Rd., crosses the railway track and heads north-east through a natural drainage system to Hwy 7/8( Ontario St.).  The trail crosses the highway continuing north east (CAUTION: busy road – cross carefully). The trail  follows the west side of a wooded area. It crosses a footbridge, continues with an electrified fence on the left, enters the woods and emerges up a steep bank via a set of steps.  It exits and follows the edge of a field to a corner where it leaves the field, entering a wooded area and proceeds in a north easterly direction emerging onto a hydro pylon right-of-way.

Here the main trail junctions with the Stratford Side Trail which begins by turning left (W). The main trail turns right (E) and follows the hydro pylons out to road 110 where it turns left (N) and proceeds about 450m before turning right (E) to follow the north side of the Avon river.

Side Trail: The side trial commences by turning left (W) from the main trail at the Hydro Line right-of-way.  It continues for about 400m reaching the Avon River. The trail veers left in a south-westerly direction following a small stream that feeds the Avon River from the south. A short distance later it turns left (S) across a drainage ditch, then right (N) and then left (W) as it regains its south-westerly direction along the south bank of the river towards Road 111.

4. Re-Route –  Map 04, Ed. 7.5   Km 63.1   Perth Rd. 106/Bridge (43.434652,-80.813232) 

  The trail turns right (S) along Rd. 106 a short distance passing over the creek via a small concrete bridge and turns left (E) and follows the south bank of the creek on a farmer’s access road.  (This area tend to be wet at certain times of the year.)  It skirts the north edge of a field.  At the corner of the field it turns right,then left at a stile and enters a bush into a potentially wet area.  It crosses a small bridge and heads right (E) along the edge of a field toward an opening in the bush.  The trail passes along a grass lane way within the bush continuing east to a dirt lane where it turns right (S) along the east edge of a bush.  Just before reaching the field, the trail turns left across a fence via a stile, and then right (S) to the corner of the field where it turns left (E) along the edge of the field with the fence on the right.   At the farm lane way, the trail turns right (S) with the fence on the left.  It continues to the south end of the field, turns left (E) through a gap in the fence, and continues east along the southern fence line toward the woodlot.  Here, the trail turns left (N) along the edge of the field with the woods on the right, about 300m, where the trail then turns right (E) over a stile and enters a hardwood bush where it winds through the bush and out to Perth Road 104. The trail turns left (N) along Road 104 for a short distance.

5. Re-Route – Map 05, Ed. 7.5 Nith River Km 72.5  -Nafziger Rd. (43. 447445,-80.74875) (posted 16July 2019)

 The trail turns right along the road for about 100m and turns left (E) at the entrance to the Khaki Club.  (Do not park on the Khaki Club lane way).  After passing the club buildings, the trail proceeds to the east end of the horseshoe pits and enters a hardwood forest.  It then winds gently right (E) through the bush, exits at a field and goes straight ahead through the swale between two cropped fields to a farm lane way.  At the lane way it takes a slight jog to the right into a shallow valley. After 100m the path turns right (S) and rises to a field and follows the field edge for 100m and enters the woods, descending to the Nith River.  [The Berlett’s Rd Side Trail junctions with the main trail here.  See below for description and access.]  The trail turns right (S) and immediately crosses a 10 foot 3-plank bridge. It then parallels the Nith River, heading south.  The trail winds gently through woods, climbing and descending the slope, sometimes exiting the woods to run alongside plowed fields on the right (W). It crosses a low electric fence over a small stile and then angles back down to the bank and follows the river until it reaches Carmel-Koch Rd. The trail turns left (E) at the road and crosses the bridge.


Berlett’s Side Trail, Berlett’s Rd. (43.455808,-80.739476) The Berlett’s Side Trail turns left (N), crosses a low plank bridge and follows a small creek before rising to the corner of a field. Take a moment to rest on the rustic bench at the top of the hill. It proceeds (N) along the edge of the pasture, over a stile.  Enjoy the pasturing cattle, but do not approach any.  At the north end of the field, it crosses over another stile to descend a steep terrain towards the Nith River and then north, emerging at Berlett’s Rd/#39.  Note the signage on the protective barrier near the roadside.


Nith River East Bank Re-route, Km 80.1 (Ed. 8.0)

After emerging on to Carmel-Koch Rd, the trail crosses the bridge over the Nith River proceeds along the road about 100m, then turns left (N) into the bush across a short foot bridge. It ascends to near the top of the slope, then down to field level and winds back up to the top, exiting the bush at field edge near an old shed.  Passing the shed on the left, it descends a hill on to a farm laneway to a stile.  The trail turns right across the stile and proceeds straight (N) with an electrical fence on the right to the corner where it turns left (W) to the diagonal corner, exiting the field by way of another stile.  [Note: Do not approach cattle.  They can be curious but are harmless.  There may be a bull in the field.  No dogs permitted whether leashed or not!The trail crosses the stile and proceeds up a hill along a narrow track next to the electric fence, then follows the edge of the field round to a bush . It follows a snowmobile track past a shack on the right.  [The 300m Bridge Side Trail (km 80.9) spurs to the left (NW), crosses a bridge and ends at a field edge.]  At the top of the hill, the main trail turns right (E) along the top of the berm before descending to the field where it crosses a tiny culvert near the edge of the field. It then follows the edge of the field to a pile of cut logs before re-entering the bush and proceeding in a north easterly direction along mostly snowmobile trails, till it reaches Berlett’s Rd at Km 82.0.


6. Re-Route –  Drumlin Re-route, Km 79.5, Berlett’s Rd.  (Posted 08Apr2019)

Proceed about 2 km east from Sandhills Rd and Berlett’s Rd corner (km 79.5). Turn left (N) and follow the field edge to the back corner. Turn right (E) and proceed along the back boundary of the property. Turn right again (S) and follow the edge of the field to a substantial hill. Ascend this through the bush. At the highest point there is a path to the right (W) that leads to a lookout.  Proceed down the hill through the bush to the edge of field, about 50 m from the road. Follow the edge of the field past an old well to the road. Turn left and follow the road to the corner of Berlett’s Rd and Notre Dame Rd).

7. Re-Route at ~Km 85.4 on Carmel-Koch Rd. , ‘Organic Loop’  (Posted 29May2019).

From the junction of Notre Dame Rd. and Carmel-Koch Rd. at Km 84.8, the trail proceeds east along Carmel-Koch Road. ,After approx. 650m it turns left (N) and proceed along the edge of a field which curls slightly to the right at its end. It turns sharply left (NW) into the bush and proceeds down a steep slope which veers to the right. Before turning to go back up the hill   it turns left (N) crossing by way of a ‘causeway’ a swampy piece of land to enter a higher, drier hardwood loop. [Note: this loop is only blazed to walk in a clockwise direction. After traversing the loop the trail returns via the causeway to the main trail.  It Proceeds up the hill (S) to emerge at a field. It turns left (S), following the field edge before reentering the bush then emerging to reach the north-south fence line. Follow this between the fence and a pine forest. This undulating section has beautiful panoramic views of the neighbouring horse farm . Turning to the right the trail proceeds southward along the edge of the field before reaching  the road approx. 650 m from the starting  point.

Please note that this section of trail is closed to hikers Nov 15 to April 30 or whenever there is snow on the ground.  During that time, it is reserved for cross-country skiing only.

km 26.8: The trail turns left(N) along line 33 till it reaches Perth-Oxford Road. At Perth-Oxford Road it turns right(E) and continues for about 1.2km till it reaches line 35. Here it turns right(S) and proceeds about 1.4km to a laneway. Here it turns left(E) and follows the laneway into a pine forest turning left(N) after about 300m. Emerging from the pine forest it veers slightly to the right to follow the edge of a farmer’s field into bush. After entering the bush it turns right(E) and continues for about 1km to the Embro Rd(line 37). Here it turns left(N) , ) and follows the Embro Road to just past Camp Bimini, crossing Perth-Oxford Road en route.

km 34.1: closed 
km 35.9: unchanged
km 36.5:It crosses the bridge on line 20 and continues along this road for 2.5km to Perth Road  112.(immediately  after crossing the bridge the periwinkle side trail does branch to the left off line 20)  After it reaches Perth Road 112 it turns left (N). After 1.0km it turns right(E) entering a hardwood forest.
Watch out for changes in this route in 2021.
Km 40.4: The trail proceeds right(E) off Road 112 entering hardwood forest for about 600m. ,then continues easterly through a grove of conifers to emerge on Perth Road111.