By Terry Aitken

In talking with Delores and Luke Schwartzentruber about 3 months ago, they told me that the landowners south of Berlett’s Road, east of the Nith River bridge, were their friends the Gerbers. I had been pondering trying to get an off-road route between 72.5 and 74 along Berlett’s Road for some time. Attempts to go north of there had been blocked. Why not south? This was the land that the Gerbers owned. I approached Linda and Paul Gerber in April. They were very willing to allow us to traverse their boundary, a large part of which followed the Nith River on its east side, and Paul helped plan the route. Shortly afterwards, I was also able to get permission from the owners of the two smaller bush properties east of Gerbers. These owners, Mary Lou and Jim Snyder, and Chris and Dennis Baer, were also a pleasure to meet, and they have also given permission for this project.

The Avon Trail is extremely grateful for the vision and generosity of these wonderful new landowners. Don’t go walking on their alfalfa!

Over 100 man hours of work by Bruce Graham, Jan and Jamie Hember, Gerry Heyen, Bill Mayberry, Ken Roth and Terry Aitken, have made this possible.

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