Mark and Wendy Nieman are landowners for about 6 km of the Avon Trail. When they bought the property the trail was already established. It is always appreciated when a new landowner agrees to the continuation of the use of the trail.  As nature-lovers, Mark and Wendy are happy to provide others with the opportunity to enjoy nature when walking on the trail. They prefer having smaller fields which the Avon Trail can skirt around.

They have had only positive experiences as landowners on their section of the trail and have not had any litter problems, nor has the trail provided access to trespassers. On occasion, the Niemans have requested re-routes and have always found the Avon Trail very obliging and willing to work with them to accommodate the changes.

It is the goodwill of landowners that makes the Avon Trail the success it is today. Sincere thanks to Mark and Wendy for their generosity and interest in the trail.

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