On a hot, sunny June morning, a hardy 12 foot  maple tree was planted in memory of longtime Avon Trail member and trail volunteer Ken Ferguson. When interviewed, Board President Jane Foster said that the board felt such a tree should be easily accessible and not on a landowner’s private property. (Click here to read Bernard Goward’s tribute to Ken).

Board Vice-President Carol Miller discovered a memorial tree garden managed by the Lions Club in the Milt Dunnell Flats along the path of the trail through St. Marys.   She consulted a St. Marys Lions Club representative and received permission to plant a tree.

Many hands helped out in the tree planting. Muscle power also helped thanks to maintenance crew members Bill Mayberry, Ted Derry and Dennis Rawe.
After conducting  research on what might be a hardy maple species,  Ted Derry purchased the Autumn Blaze hybrid maple from the Meadow Acres Garden nursery in Baden and transported the tree with his truck to St. Marys for the planting ceremony on June 4.

Carol brought her wheel barrel. Jane brought mulch and soil. Crew member Dennis Rawe brought bone meal for mixing in the soil. Bill and Ted provided muscle on the pickaxe breaking ground. Ted gives credit to Bill for the heavy  lifting. ” A quiet giant of a man, I could not have dug the hole without his help”.  Dennis, at age 85,  swung the axe as well.

A team of volunteers continue to ensure the tree stays well watered during its critical growth period. Stop by and visit the tree when next on the trail in St. Marys.  Click here to view photos of the planting.