CLUB SOCIALS – Brenda Tarr
Potlucks are held at various times of the year where members enjoy socializing and sharing a delicious meal after a hike. They also provide a wonderful opportunity for past active members to catch up again, and for current hikers to get to know some of the folk who were very involved in the early years of the Avon Trail helping it become what it is today.Shirley Gotts, a member since 1995, and who served on the Board in varying roles, is the host of the summer potluck garden party. At the end of summer a Corn Fest potluck featuring corn straight from the field has been held on the farm of Ross and Dorothy Campbell. Luke DeBrabandere and Mary Maika have hosted early winter guided walks in their woodlot followed by a chili potluck as well as a trillium woodlot hike and barbeque potluck. Most recently, Roger and Elaine Cook hosted the club for a walk through their managed woodlot and tree farm as well as a working demonstration of Roger’s Heritage Sawmill. Thank you all for graciously opening your homes.

Shirley Gotts
Ross and Dorothy Campbell
Mary Maika and Luke De Brabandere
Elaine Cook
Roger Cook