Many thanks to all hikers who contributed to the Avon Trail Bamberg Bridge Fundraiser. Through the generous gifts from Avon Trail members and friends, we have the $2,000 needed to meet the cost of construction materials to build the bridge over the Bamberg Creek. “I am in awe of the generosity displayed among members and non-members of Avon Trail,” said Board President Jane Foster. “These contributions are greatly appreciated,” she continued.
Work on this project is underway even with the current heat spell. Volunteer Ted Derry is coordinating all of the work efforts. “We have cleared the area on both sides of the creek at the point of crossing,” Ted said. The volunteer crew has finished an ATV path between the end of the landowner’s lane and the site. “Next, we haul in the posthole digger and building materials,” Ted said. The weekend of July 18 and 19 will see the digging of the holes and the installation of pilings.

See this link for photos of the building project. As it progresses, more  photos will be added.

We continue to accept donations to meet our trail maintenance needs.