Dry skies and sunshine are forecast for this  Saturday’s 4th Annual Avon Trail Wildwood Challenge Hike. 

Registered hikers MUST report to the front gate kiosk off Line 9 by 8:20am for sign in and starting directions. Late arrivals may be denied access to this event.

Hikers will walk at their own pace. Two refreshment stations along the trail will provide hikers  a welcome cup of tea or coffee, treats and shelter.

Recommendations: Bring water and lunch. Wear appropriate footwear for trail hiking. Dress in layers appropriate for weather. medium pace, this should take 6 hours, not counting rest stops.

Note: By agreeing to having your photo taken while walking, you are consenting to it being used by Avon Trail, either on the Avon Trail website or the Avon Trail Facebook page

We thank you for your participation in this fund raising event.