Welcome to the Avon Trail Tales Newsletter, Issue 4 of 2020. There is a chill in the air. Fall is with us. The Trail beckons.  Tuesday morning rambles have started once again.    Where possible, volunteer monitors are completing a third sweep. Grasses  have been trimmed in places. Blazes have been refreshed too. See the hiking rules as outlined on the Avon Trail home page. Enjoy the trail.


Hiking Story from Afar

When traveling through Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island by car, as Cindy and I did when travel was allowed in the distance past (2019), we discovered opportunities for hiking adventures.

Each hike we chose were under 15 kilometers in length. Each hiking trail selected provided us with a unique landscape. All were fun with the temperatures in the mid 20s and no rain. Hurrah. And no bugs!

Here I provide a recap of  hikes in Nova Scotia and PEI, the trails and what you could expect should you find the opportunity to embark  on these same trails.  Tom Kimber