Wetland Loop entrance looking west

One of the realities of Avon Trail and its co-operative structure with landowners along the trail is that no trail section is permanent. Landowners provide trail right-of-way across their property for free. It’s a friendly relationship that we encourage. But, like the seasons, it can change. So, getting permission from landowners to allow for new trail sections or side trails is always appreciated. Terry Aitken works hard at maintaining and growing landowner relationships. 

Work has finished on a new main trail and side trail sections. South of Harmony along Rd 112, directly west of the  trail entrance at Km 40.4, a new section of main trail has been added. You will be hiking west of Rd 112 into a woodlot loop called the Wetland Loop. This section heads west through a growth that has been culled partially, then heads north through the lot and then east towards Rd 112. Just before the Rd 112, you take a sharp right turn and head south. Eventually you come to a stile and exit. The main trail continues across Rd. 112 at Km 40.4  This loop runs approximately 2 km.

View looking East on Periwinkle Trail

At Km 36.5, the main trail heads east along line 20. A new side trail, the Periwinkle Side Trail heads northeast providing a 3.8 km hike. You follow the blue blazes heading northeast along a Trout Creek tributary, climb over a stile, then continue along the creek and over a bridge to  the northside of the creek, then head east along the northside of the creek leading to another stile. Once you crossover, you are entering one of the oldest planted woodlots in the province. You hike northeast above the creek following the blue blazes. Then turn north again, gaining elevation and head northwest through the woodlot. You will be hiking through periwinkle undergrowth,  eventually turning south and descending back to the creek and stile and outward on the loop back to km 36.5. See this link to view the two trails.