Quite a decorative trail blaze.

Monitors have been busy walking their sections for a second time since spring. 

Why is a second visit required? Spring and summer rain brings forth foliage growth.  As trail president Bruce Graham, illustrates with two photos taken recently.

One photo shows a trail blaze partly obscured by new growth since the trail section was reviewed during the trail monitor’s first visit in spring. After the monitor’s second visit, with a pair of loppers, the blaze was made completely visible.

blaze (obscured) is in center

The photo below shows how quickly a trail path can become overgrown in June.

This too was addressed by the monitor using a lopper to clear away encroaching growth.

Keeping the trail sections safe to walk on is a trail monitor’s principal goal. Keeping the trail clear of growth and easy to sight the blazes is also important.


path obscured by growth


chicken wire added

Our trail maintenance team is out on the trails each week making the trails safer to hike. Thanks for adding chicken wire to a wooden ‘hump” bridge located between line 29 and line 31. Now no slipping for hikers when walking on this bridge when it is wet!

Tom Kimber – News