The Avon Trail is growing, not only in members, but in trail size.  Many of the connecting threads that hold together the entire Avon Trail from St. Marys to Conestogo run along road surfaces.

“Getting off these roads and onto supporting trails on adjacent properties would make it safer and more pleasant for hikers”, said Terry Aiken. Terry acts as landowner liaison for the Avon Trail.

Leaving some road surfaces by going into woodlots along property right of ways will add distance to the trail.

The club is currently in the process of coordinating reroute updates for the Avon Trail Guide book. It will be released as edition 8.0 by the end of June.

Also, to be updated at the same time is the Avon Trails digital maps in ONDAGO.

But with more re-routes off roads and into farm land and woodlots comes an increased need for trail maintenance.

At the Riversong Bakery Meet and Greet meeting, maintenance crew volunteer Ted Derry explained that  this crew does the heavy lifting needed to clear debris like fallen trees, grass cutting, stile and bridge building and installation throughout the trail sections.

Currently a tool depot for club equipment is kept in Stratford at club member David Williamson.

A tool depot will soon be opened in the east end in Dick Pullin’s garage in Waterloo.

Ken Nicholson is the Trail Coordinator and heads the Maintenance Crew volunteer team. Each Friday the volunteers meet over coffee to determine what actions need to be taken based on trail monitor reports received by Bruce Graham. “This work is very rewarding for those who like to work with their hands and stay active”, explains Ted. This maintenance team needs volunteers to help reduce the workload. Those members interested in helping out, can contact Ken at