By Bruce Graham, Trail Co-Ordinator

  I’d like to invite you to walk a newish part of the Avon Trail: the Wetland Loop. This 2.1 km loop was opened in April shortly after logging was completed. It was wet and muddy. This section now is dry, lush and completely bug free!  It is a 9 minute drive south of Stratford Market Square. (See map view link above).

The reason for writing this is that since opening, the pathway was overtaken by new growth: few people have used it in 60 days. Wayne did some clearing yesterday and Vicky and I worked for 3 hours today re-establishing the pathway. In places the new growth was knee high. (See attached “before” photo.) What we need is boots on the ground, particularly on the northern part of the loop (black arrow on map), to discourage new growth.

It’s amazing how lush and charming a walk it is, with peekaboo views of Harmony and interesting plants an fungi. All sprung back after the destruction of logging. If 2.1 km is too short, try doing it twice!