Bruce thanking Mx volunteeers

The weather remained warm and dry, perfect for an outdoor lunch Thursday, October 14. at the Broken Rail Brewery in St. Marys.

The Avon Trail Board wanted to show its appreciation for the many volunteer hours of trail maintenance put in by its volunteers.
Trail maintenance often takes place unnoticed by Avon Trail users. Grass trimming, style installations and repairs along the many kilometres of hiking trails ensure the trails remain accessible to hikers.
“We want you to know your efforts are appreciated,” said President Jane Foster to the assembled group in attendance.
The chosen venue highlighted a new business on Glass St. in St. Marys along a section of the trail. Sandwiches and cheeses along with deserts from the Cheese Shop in town comprised the menu. Erin from the Broken Rail Brewery welcomed everyone, explaining how the brewery thrives in the former Junction Rail Station on Glass Street. Everyone had their choice of a brew on tap.
 Trail Monitor Captain Bruce Graham thanked everyone, noting that many more volunteers than the 12 in attendance were unable to be present.
Thank you to everyone helping maintain the trails.

Erin at Broken Rail Brewery

Tom Kimber