Find the heron

Twelve hikers set out Saturday morning October 12 on the MacNaughton-Morrison Trail Hike (aka South Huron Trail) led by Tracy H.

This trail connects The MacNaughton-Morrison Trail with the Morrison Dam Conservation Area Trail. The Morrison Dam was built in 1959 initially to provide a water reservoir for the Exeter Canning factory. No longer used for this purpose, the dam is maintained to support the thriving lake eco-system into which the Ausible River transformed east of the dam.

Expecting cold conditions and possible rain, I started the hike wearing a toque, gloves, and two-layered jackets. But, before long, the sun came through the cloud cover, and the winds subsided. Better still, so did the rain. Colder overnight conditions had made the fall foliage colours resplendent, with red, purple orange and yellow swatches visible against the clean waters of Morrison Lake.

Some parts of the trail were wet from the rain, making for slippery conditions on some footpaths and boardwalks, but we proceeded with caution and enjoyed a fabulous 8 km hike.

We all were on the lookout for the white squirrels that are reported to be habituating in the woodlots surrounding the trail — no sightings alas from us. (White squirrels? For real? Yes, click this link for more on the white squirrels of Exeter).

We did see a stoic blue heron poised in pursuit of a meal in the shallow waters.

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