Hiking can be a time when we tend to wonder about quick snacks that provide some staying power. Here are a few of my favourites for before, during or after a hike:

1. Celery sticks 3” or apple wedges – fill with natural peanut butter and top with almonds or raisins … a fresh pick me up and 8.3 gr protein

2. Chunky Monkey Shake – 1 banana, 1Tbsp natural peanut butter, 1 cup chocolate (almond, soy, coconut or cow) milk, 1 cup ice … whiz in the blender. 15 gr protein

3. Mini bean and cheese quesadilla – spread a tortilla of choice with mashed black beans, grated cheddar, 1 Tbsp salsa … fold in half, heat through in cast iron fry pan (‘til cheese is melted). Let it cool and wrap up for the hike … good hot or at room temperature! 17 gr protein

4. Frozen grapes – lay grapes on a tray and freeze overnight … put in ziplock and enjoy on the trail, thirst quenching and a little quick energy!

Hope this provides you with a little treat on the trail – low in sugar, high in protein – now take a hike on the AvonTrail!

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