First Published Summer 2020  Updated February 2021  Tom Kimber

Signage seen along  Avon Trail trail sections keep hikers informed and aware of surroundings. Remember, as  you hike anywhere, signs are posted to keep you aware of  the pleasures or dangers you may encounter on your journey. And, of course, some are intended to amuse.

You will not find this sign on the Avon Trail, but you may on the G-to-G trail.







Earlier, when we could hike from km 36.5 northeast to km 40.4 along the Trout River,you might encounter a small stretch (500 meters) of the trail that has been affected by a noxious plant. It is not on the trail but near by so stay on the trail. You need to be aware of what it is and why it should avoid it. Click here for an interactive explanation.



Passing through the Khaki Club entrance  at km 76.2, you will find a Hiker Log Book.





When one reaches km 77.7, approached by the Berlett’s Side Trail from Berlett Road or from Nafziger Road on the main trail through the Khaki Club, this carved  directional marked  shows directions to either terminus of the Avon Trail: Conestogo to the east, St.Marys to the west.

Both the directional marker and Log Book and stand were designed and installed by this trail’s monitor and maintenance crew member, Ted Derry. A wonderful addition.






Following the direction to Conestogo from 77.7 you will reach Carmel-Koch Road at km 80.1. Just as you exit toward the road you will find this sign directed towards wayward cyclists.







As you follow the trail from km 80.1 north through a bush, exiting onto a farm laneway, you approach a cow pasture and this sign. Remember, avoid cows with calves and for everyone’s safety,  NO DOGS ALLOWED.






In the eastend of the trail as you approach the Health Valley Trail from km 110, you follow the Trans Canada Trail north to the Conestogo River where this sign appears. Again for safety, keep your dog on a leash.







Cindy and I encountered these signs while completing an End-to-End hike this spring. We hiked through the Musselman and Schneider properties km 95.4 exiting at km 100. There posted on the fence was this sign for a Lost Dog. We had encountered the very dog, Co-ho, while walking from km 91.5 through the Organic Loop two days earlier. A Labrador dog with boundless energy, he happily followed us from the Loop left up the road to our parked car. We called. Happily, the dog had been found by its Organic Loop owners.