What a difference a day makes.

Serene winter conditions prevailed Sunday while Renee led a group of members on two hikes following Saturday’s squall conditions. The first hike took place on the Bannockburn Trail in the Bannockburn Conservation Area.

Hike 1: Bannockburn is a rugged hike over stunning countryside including meadow, marsh, scrubland, cedar forest, and deciduous forest, all snow-covered.


Then after a short drive, Hike 2 took place at the Mavis-Taylor Trails, between Varna and Bayfield. Most hikers were able to adjust to the hike date change from Saturday to Sunday.

Instead of blowing squalls, the hikers enjoyed sunshine and snow as they hiked in the Varna area.

Check out photos from this hike in our photo gallery by clicking HERE.

Thank you Renee for organizing and leading the hikes

Tom Kimber – News