1. Line 33: km 28.0 to  30.5 (updated 30Aug2020)

The Avon Trail section between km 28.0 and km 30.5 (line 33 983866 Perth- Oxford Road) has been closed permanently. Please heed the No Trespassing signs. As of now, continue north on Line 33 until you reach Oxford Line Road. Then, turn right and head east along Oxford Line Road. At Line 37, turn left (north).



  2. Bimini Trail Closure (27Nov2020).  Bimini Main and Side Trail are closed as of this time. When heading north on 113 Rd,  enter a wood lot from the right at km 35.9. Follow the trail to Line 20. Then continue on Line 20 east to 112 Rd. Travel north on 112 Rd. to km 40.4



 3.Line 20 (at Embro Rd)  – km 36.5 to 40.4 Main Trail closure  (updated 27Nov2020)

It is no longer possible to do a through hike going east from 36.5 km using this route.  And  from 40.4km heading westbound, it is closed.





4. However, it is possible to access the Periwinkle Loop Side Trail from 36.5 km. This would be and in-out hike back to Line 20 at 36.5km. This image below shows current re-route east along Line 20 past 36.5 km to Line 20. Turn left (north) at Rd 112. to reach km 40.4


 5.Sandhills Rd – Berlett’s Rd: km 83.3 to 86.2 (updated 04Sep2020)

The trail turns left (N) onto Sandhills Rd for 50 m. It then turns right (E) entering a little-used lane (rope across the entrance). The trail winds generally in a south-easterly direction, eventually exiting at the corner of the bush at a fence line.  It continues east alternatively along a field and through hardwood lots before reaching a bridge over a drain. (The bridge, and the route easterly beyond it, is now closed.) The trail now veers right (SE) following the western edge of a drain in an arc till Bamberg Creek is reached. It turns right (W) following the Bamberg Creek briefly before crossing the creek over a wooden bridge. It then heads southwesterly through light bush for about 150 m before reaching a gravel driveway where the driveway bends. Here it turns left (S) and follows the gravel driveway southward to Berlett’s Road.

Note:  This new route removes about 2 km of walking on road and adds about 3 km cross country for an increase of about 1 km.