They came. They stayed. They  promoted. Carol Miller and Cindy Kimber continue to raise awareness of Avon Trail throughout the greater community this spring.  At the Go Wild, Grow Wild Expo held April 6 at  the London Fair Grounds, they talked with many visitors to their booth, handing out Stratford Side Trail maps and Take a Hike Avon Trail flyers.

At the Riversong Bakery Meet and Greet event held near St. Jacobs on April 11, they provided similar handouts to an audience interested in the workings of the Avon Trail monitoring and maintenance support activities.

Closer to  home, at the Newcomers to town event at the St.Marys library May 9, Carol had an informal Q & A for the attendees.

Then, at the In the Loop event Saturday May 11, a booth table was set up with Avon Trail maps, and hand out literature.  Cindy prepared a hands on craft for younger hikers who visited along with parents. The Stratford side trail tear off sheets were scooped  up by interested visitors. All were impressed with the Avon Trails digital map as demonstrated on a phone. Not requiring data for use of the map while hiking the trail surprised and delighted those that inquired.