June, 2019

Since January, ten hike leaders led 14 hikes with 253 participants, including Family Hikes, Snow Shoeing and XC skiing.

The Summer/Fall Hike Schedule will be published on the website at the end of June.

Twelve volunteers cleaned 4 km of highway in the Adopt-a-Road program led by Brian & Brenda Tarr.

The Avon Trail app has been downloaded 143 times and used in 594 instances to the end of April.

Landowner Relations person, Terry Aitken has added 9 landowners and, with six new re-routes, got about 5.2 km less road walking.

Edition 8.0 of the Trail Guide will be published by end of June.

The East End Meet and Greet in early April attracted several new Trail Monitors.  An east-end tool depot is established.

The Stratford Perth Community Foundation granted the Trail funds to assist in the annual cost of  servicing our Website and Trail app, as well as the purchase of a Stihl trimmer.

Membership stands at ~ 190.

We need volunteers for grass cutting, and a volunteer, knowledgeable with small engines to help keep our machines at the east end running in good order.

Bernard Goward