Cindy Kimber

Located in the center of PEI, in the town of Breadalbane, we met up with members of the Island Trails hiking club.

The trail is in two equal loops forming a figure 8 on each side of the Dunk River with a full distance of 6.5 kilometres. It passes through woodlots full of river trees in the flood plains and dales of the Dunk River.

The Island Trails reminds me of Avon Trail in many ways. The members are all volunteers who enjoy hiking. They help maintain all eight Island Trails in PEI. These are North Cape Nature Trail, Breadalbane Nature Trail, Dromore Appalacian Trail, Winter River Trail, Boughton River Trail, Forest Hill Trail and Gairloch Road Trail.

There is a saying in PEI that most people you meet come from away. All are friendly. Indeed the six Island Trail members on the hike were outgoing and happy to speak about the trails. They encouraged us to seek out other paths in PEI, which we did and enjoyed hiking too.