Looking east from km 6.1

Wherever possible, Ross Campbell wants you to hike in the woods. Ross, who took on the landowners’ relation officer role held by Terry Aitken for many years, looks for opportunities to move the trail from alongside farm fields to pass through adjacent wooded areas.

Trail Captain Bruce Graham is a big supporter of this plan. “2022 is our year of getting into the woods”, he told me as we appraised a section of trail southwest for km 8.4 on Line 15 near St. Marys. Often trail sections pass directly adjacent to a crop field. Now, the trail will be rerouted into woods bordering the area where possible.

Getting off fields and into the woods from km 42

Currently, 2wo trail sections are being revised: from km 4.4 to km 8.4 and from km 40.4 to km 42. Volunteer trail workers clear underbrush and then blaze new areas through the woodlots.

“This is just the start. Expect more changes”, said Bruce.