Many hiking trails are easily accessible from the Cabot Trail highway that runs through the Cabin Trail Highlands National Park. The park is known for its spectacular ocean side scenery with cliffs and deep river canyons in the highlands.

We ventured on the Jack Pine Trail, a 2.5-kilometre trail that winds through a post-fire jack pine stand. Elevation rise from 35 to 185 feet, but the walk is easy and rewarding with breathtaking views of the Atlantic.

Leaving Jack Pine, we carried on to the MacIntosh Brook Trail. Another short one (1.7 kilometres) through an old-growth forest, along a babbling brook ending at a waterfall.

We then drove west along the highway a short distance to a highland plateau bog trail that goes by the name of the Bog Trail. Very short but fascinating. Hikers venture along a boardwalk protecting the fragile life in this highland bog. Colourful placards along the trail detail the variety of life found here – the green frogs, dragonflies, delicate orchids and pitcher plants. We did not see any abundant wildlife but could image moose finding this a welcoming domain.

We concluded our day with a larger hike (7.8 Kilometers) along the Cheticamp River on the Salmon Pools Trail. Not a difficult hike at all along the river to three separate Salmon pools where Atlantic Salmon return annually to spawn. A young, knowledgable park guide led the hike. Other friends of his added local character to the hike.

Tom Kimber