Autumn Colours by the Ausable River

Nothing seemed to dampen the spirits of the 16 hikers who joined hike leader Meg  on the annual Avon Trail Hike October 16 around the Morrison Dam in Exeter.

Yes, it rained. The rain added to the autumnal atmosphere – gray cloudy skies and colourful leaves underfoot on the trail. Not so bad, when you are dressed in rain gear to expect it. And, looking up, we saw the green, red and yellow colours of the foliage still adorning the hardwood trees that line the paths through the McNaughton-Morrison Trail in the Ausable River Valley.

The towering pine tree canopy provided an umbrella of sorts along the 8-kilometres of trails. As we progressed, the drizzle became lighter, further lifting our spirits. The temperature continued to warm all morning. Meanwhile, the entire section appeared abandoned by all except we hikers and the squirrels. Two of our group, on different occasions, caught a glimpse in the trees of an elusive white squirrel of Exeter.
An enjoyable hike, all agreed as we decamped from the parking lot in the early afternoon heading home for warm cocoa or coffee in a local Exeter eatery.

Click HERE for more photos from the hike.

 Tom Kimber