Eighteen Avon Trail monitors carpooled to the Carmel-Koch Rd. in Wilmot Saturday August 24 to hike the Organic Loop. Trail monitor captain Bruce Graham organized this “meander and picnic” hike as an appreciation for the ongoing trail maintenance work performed by our monitors.

For many this hike was their first on the beautiful new “Organic Loop” section of the trail. Commencing at terminus km 91.5, the trail runs for 3.5 kilometers through woodlots and along corn fields. The loop borders the Fertile Grounds Organic Farm on Carmel-Koch Rd.

Bernard Goward led the hike due to unforeseen circumstances that kept Bruce in Vancouver for the weekend. The temperature at 22°C made for a very pleasant hike. Still, bug juice was needed to keep the pesky mosquitoes from biting away at exposed skin. Following the trail north from Carmel-Koch Rd. we passed through woodlots heading for the northern loop that wraps around and meets up with the trail again. We then proceeded higher in elevation until we reached a small rise overlooking corn fields. Here we were greeted by Tracy  and Clive, the two volunteers who carried in the picnic lunch that Bruce had arranged. We were treated to wonderful prepared wraps pre-selected by the monitors along with fruit and freshly baked cookies.

Following lunch, we gathered together to send our thanks and best wishes to Bruce by video (Click here to view the video)

The final section of the loop takes us down Lovers Lane II and along a tree line. This section along a farm field and adjacent to a woodlot makes for a perfect habitat for gophers. So, hikers, proceed with caution down this stretch, avoiding the many gopher holes.

Story by Tom Kimber