Dear Members of Avon Trail,

I hope everyone endured the many challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has created since the Spring of 2020. For many, the road has been challenging in their personal lives.

Now, as we move forward, especially with the availability of vaccines, the future is looking brighter.

Due to the pandemic, Avon Trail members have not had our customary Members Meetings held twice per year and the loss of social community spirit has been keenly felt as a result.

Avon Trail   resumed the Tuesday Morning Rambles  Tuesday July 6th.  By following protocols of Canadian Health Agency, we can continue to do this safely.  Please continue to check Avon Trail website for more information about the hike protocols.

I look forward to seeing many of you again on Tuesdays.


Avon Trail has a devoted team of volunteers working in various roles. Among those are Membership Officer, Store Manager, Treasurer, Landowner Relations Officer, to name a few.  

Our board consists of 4 executive positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). Five other board members  meet with executive plus the past president at meetings. There will be many board members as well who will NOT seek another term in November.

The term of service is two years, although many have been in these roles for much longer.

The following positions will be vacant as of November 2021: Treasurer, Membership Officer, Store Manager, Landowners Relations Officer, and President.

For more information and description of these roles, please email .

Kind Regards,

Jane Foster

Avon Trail President