Mrs. Wilma McCaig

Q: How long have you been the landowner for this section?
A: My late parents, William and Elizabeth Cooke, gave permission on behalf of themselves and myself, to use this property for the trail at its inception in 1975.

Q: How far from Forest Rd to Pork Rd does your part of the trail go?
A: Originally, it went as far as the bush, just short of Pork Road. Now some of the earlier part of it is Forest Motel land.

Q: Does it get used a lot in the summer?
A: Yes, and some folk walk their dogs on it, which is fine, as long as they pick up after the dog.

Q: Are 4-wheelers and snowmobilers permitted on your section of the trail?
A: No, and I have had to ask people with 4-wheelers to leave, and very rarely snowmobilers.

Q: What are the benefits of ownership of this trail?
A: It is easy to walk and so lovely at all times of the year (except when the mosquitoes are around). One occasionally sees ground hogs and it is good for bird watching. There is some usage by adjacent motel guests.

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