This story is in the “Trail Sections along the Avon Trail” series.

Along the water looking south, km 36

Before you begin, ensure you know the trailheads’ location and safe parking spots. Get your ONDAGO mobile map or hardcopy Avon Trail Guide Book.


My advice is to park on the north side of Line 20 east of Rd 113 (do not park between signs for field equipment entrance). From this location, you can hike the Periwinkle Side Trail north of Line 20 or the hidden gem south between km 36.9 and km 35.9 on Line 113. Both trails are splendid retreats and joys in May and June.

When you enter either trail, you leave behind the road noise and immerse yourself in the sound of nature – bird songs and running water. South from Line 20, you will find an oasis by the water with a picnic table calling you to sit and listen. No need to rush. Spend some time enjoying the sun or shade and breeze off the water.


Accessing the Periwinkle Side Trail from 36.5 km affords you a wonderful 3.8 km hike that loops back to km 36.9. You will hike along a tributary creek (of Trout Creek) following the blue blazes, climb over a stile, then continue on and over a bridge to the north side of the creek and onwards to the old-growth woodlot once you climb over the stile. You can hike along the north side of the tributary creek and then turn north and wind around the old-growth woodlot back through the periwinkle undergrowth back to the stile and outward to 36.9.  

Updated April 15, 2023 – Tom Kimber