Figure 1


Do you have the latest Avon Trail re-routes from ONDAGO? If you don’t, you may be wandering off trail unknowingly. To check, open your ONDAGO app.  If there has been a recent update, you will see a red exclamation mark! next to the Map 1 or Map 2 (Figure 1).

That indicates there is a re-route to download.  Click on the Map to open it.  If you are on WI-FI or have cell phone connection, a screen will open giving you the option to UPDATE the map (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Click UPDATE to get the latest re-routes, parking info, pictures or other helpful trail information.  Again, you must be on WI-FI or have cell phone connection to get the updates.  If you are offline and out on the trail, you can still follow the trail using your ONDAGO app, but you won’t have the latest reroutes. 



Do you have the latest version of ONDAGO?  If not, your app may not be functioning as well as it could.  To check the version of ONDAGO on your device, open the ONDAGO app to either Map 1 or Map 2.


How to check your version of Ondago:

Figure 3.

Open the Ondago app to either Map 1 or Map 2. Click on the ‘3 bars’ at the top left of the screen (Figure 3). A Menu will appear; click on ‘About’.  Check carefully the build and the version you see there. If you have the most current ONDAGO version and build, it will be:

  • Version 1.9.8 Build 253 (Android)
  • Version 1.9.8, Build 101 (iPhone)



Figure 4.

If you don’t have the latest version & build it is advisable to update your app.  Do this by opening the App Store (if you have an iPhone) or Play Store (if you have an Android phone).  Type in ‘ONDAGO’ in the search bar.  If your version is current, you will see ‘OPEN’ (Figure 4).

If not, the OPEN button will be replaced with ‘UPDATE’.  Click on UPDATE to get the latest update.  The update will take a minute or two.  Please note, you will need WI-FI or have cell phone connection for this.