Check List: Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Water, Snacks, First Aid Kit, Hats, Long Pants, Sturdy Shoes, Trail Map and/or Ondago App. It can be that easy to prep for a hike with your child along the Avon Trail.

Pick a section that matches the stamina level of you and your child and be ready for a great explore.  Your child can help you keep on the trail by following the white blazes (blue for side trails) along the way.



Diversions may be required for a successful hike so be prepared with songs or games such as Eye Spy or Guess the Animal. CBC kids has great seasonal scavenger hunts  to get kids exploring the flora and fauna as you hike.

Track your hiking achievements in a Journal (link to print the template). Simply print, fold in half, fold in half again, cut along the dotted line, open and fold in half in the other direction to make a small 8 page booklet. On-line directions can be found at How to Fold a Mini book from a Single A4 Page

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Cindy Kimber