Getting to Know Various Trails in Southern Ontario
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The Thames Valley Trail is a 110-km hiking trail along the Thames River Valley through London to St Marys. The southern end of the trail links up with the Elgin Hiking Trail in Payne’s Mills. The northern end of the Thames Valley Trail connects with the Avon Trail in St. Marys. The TVT follows multi-use trails through London.

The Grand Valley Trail follows the Grand River Valley 275 km south from the Bruce Trail near Alton to Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie. The club organizes an end-to-end hike over nine weekends covering about 15 to 20 km per day.    Caution: Watch for Poison Ivy and ticks.

The Ganaraska Trail is a 400-km hiking trail connecting Port Hope, Barrie, Orillia and the Bruce Trail. A 100-km spur trail links Midland and Wasaga Beach to the trail. An end-to-end hike takes place over 10 weekends on certain years. Check the GTA website for trail reroutes and conditions.
Caution: Some sections of the trail pass through remote wilderness and should only be attempted by expert hikers with excellent navigation skills. The Wilderness Section from Sadowa to Moores Falls is through remote areas thus should be hiked with a group. Some sections of the trail are used by ATVs.

The Oak Ridges Trail is a linear hiking trail that runs more than 160 km east-west along the Oak Ridge Moraine just north of Toronto. There are also about 100 km of side trails that link to the trail. The west end of the trail links to the Bruce Trail. Near the east end it connects with the Ganaraska Trail.

The Rideau Trail is a 387 km network of hiking trails between Kingston and Ottawa located in the general area of the Rideau Canal and its tributary waters. 200 km run parallel to the Rideau Canal and 185 km are side trails that offer alternative options. Some sections of the trail follow roads, others are on rugged terrain. The Rideau Trail passes through several parks, among them Frontenac and Murphys Point. The Rideau Trail Association’s three chapters maintain the trail and organize hikes: Kingston, Central (Perth), and Ottawa.

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