at km 115.8 Bridge St and University Waterloo

In 2015 for Avon Trail’s 40th Anniversary, members took on a project – 40 Trees for 40 Years. The goal was to plant trees along the trail in commemoration.

As former president Bernard Goward recalls, any landowner who requested a tree would have one planted on their property along the route. At the same time, members were encouraged to donate the cost of a tree. Members would then grow and water it for the first season. “We had twenty-five uptakes to the offer,” said Bernard.
Many of the trees survived and are doing well.
One sits at km 45.2. A hardy maple tree, planted by Terry Aitken, is doing well. Terry’s Tree appears to be standing by itself between two large fields.
Another, known as “Geoff’s Tree” thrives on a former section of the Stratford Side Trail (just past the new eastern terminus).
Gone but not forgotten is another maple tree found on the former Bimini Loop.
When you next pass by km 105  heading to or from St. Jacobs, look for this commerorative tree on Martin Creek Rd.
The tree planted at km 115.8 where Bridge St. and University Ave. meet is doing well (see photo at top of story).

How many of these trees were planted in Schneider’s Bush and on the Musselman property? One for sure but I do not have a specific location or photo. The next time you  hike through this jewel of the trail look for a tree with a plaque celebrating Avon Trail’s 40 Anniversary. If you find it or others, take a photo and send it  to 

Tom Kimber Newsletter editor