Going Back to Look Forwards

We have snow. We have cold winds. We have winter! Now,  take a moment to consider how things will change with the seasons to come. I am dipping into the archives to bring back some reminders of what the future may bring us along the Trail.  Newsletter Editor  Tom Kimber A Song Bird Heard on (more…)

Dog Days of Hiking

Hiking enthusiast and writer, Nicola Ross, has some great ideas on how best to endure the oppressing times we live through now. She shares these thoughts in her recent Newsletter. You can sign up for  the Newsletter HERE. With Nicola’s permission, I am sharing a news story that first appeared in Beaver Tales, the newsletter (more…)

The Way of the Future for Hiking

Tuesday Morning Rambles meeting place (three word code address)

What three words can help you get from point A to point B? What three words can help identify your location in an emergency? 

What’s Not to Hike?

Nicola Ross, the Loops & Latte series hiking guides author, has a fundraising offer for the Avon Trail that you should consider.