Finishing touches applied by Tracy.

Get ready, folks. The final trailblazing has been completed. Soon, the Columbia Forest section of the Avon Trail will be opened for hiking.

This has been a long time coming. Congratulations to the volunteers involved in making this happen. First, we must update the ONDAGO app with changes to Avon Trail – Part 2 of 2. Once completed, we will release an update to the paper map (Avon Trail Edition 9.2). These changes will get Avon Trail “off the road and into the woods.”The trail will move away from Wilmot Line north of km 102 and Conservation Drive. It will run south of km 102 on the Wilmot line and then northeast through a private woodlot and the Columbia Forest.  

See this map (9.B) for a sense of the “Off Road” trail changes. The entrance is off Wilmot Line south of km 102. The Avon Trail Digital Map on the website’s Shop will be updated shortly once ONDAGO is updated. Watch for a News Alert.

Tom Kimber, News Editor