Steel grey skies and warm conditions reduced snow cover at the Stratford Perth Museum grounds on January 21. As a result, for the dozen or so adult hikers who attended the scheduled family snowshoe hike, the snowshoes were set aside and the group walked a 1km trail through the woodlot that surrounds the museum grounds.

We passed some older buildings, wooden cottages from an earlier era, one with a porch. I later asked staff about these buildings. Turns out, lovely as it might be for historical purposes, they do not belong to the museum.

Older building on hiking grounds at Stratford-Perth Museum Hiking Trails

Ducks covered a section of field to the east as we walked by.  After completing one circuit, it was decided by all that an additional circuit was needed to build up an appetite for the treats that were awaiting us at the hike’s end.

As we hikers enjoyed Carolyn’s delicious home baked treats with our hot chocolate and tea, an Avon Trail couple and their granddaughter arrived. Determined to use her snowshoes, she demonstrated her technique on fading remnants of snow.

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