To be remembered, a brand needs to be consistent. With this as their operating motto, Carol Miller and Cindy Kimber have engaged in re-branding

Beginning with the new display banner and continuing with the redesigned single-page flyer and parade-friendly horizontal banner, we see the same background colours, re-designed logo, circle images, font types and font colours – clean, simple and consistent.

The display banner design was produced by trail member Katherine Moffat. The banner is on display at all annual general meetings held by the and at all 2018 outreach events, including presentations to the Stratford Bed and Breakfast Association,  at community events like Stratford In the Loop at the Rotary Complex, and the Wildwood Conservation Area open house.

Heidi Holdsworth of Creative Feats  produced the horizontal banner, the  “Take A Hike” flyer  as well as the 13.4 km Stratford Side Trail map .

“Once people discover the side trail, we hope it will lead to more interest in the entire 113 km trail,” says club member, Cindy Kimber.

Increasing public awareness of the and how the public can access and use the trails as visitors or trail members is the marketing team’s goal. “By promoting our meetings and special events, we hope to introduce more residents to the Trail. “, says Cindy.

Public events hosted by the are advertised with posters Cindy prepares and distributes throughout the Stratford and St. Marys area.

“Getting the word out is important”, says Carol, “and it is why we are so excited to have  Avon Trail member Susan Young join the team.” Susan’s focus will be on social media, ensuring the Facebook page reflects this consistent marketing message.

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