nature hunt

Avon Trail hosted the YMCA Y-Kids Camp program with two organized kids hikes through the TJ Dolan area.  Bernard Goward led the first hike on Friday July 24. The kids came with mixed feelings about hiking and nature.  Some came with water and with proper runners. None came prepared for bugs. But, in the end, with a scavenger hunt sheet to follow and friendly bear stories , I can report that all particpants had fun.

Here below is the impression the August 9th hike had on hike leader Jane Foster :

The weather was perfect with a breeze on Friday August 9. This marked the 2nd Avon Trail hike led hike for the YMCA this summer. There were 13 kids and two Summer Y Leaders, different leaders than the previous hike also led by Avon Trail. Two of the kids had attended the previous hike.  (All the kids wore sneakers…yah!).

Avon Trail members Cindy and Tom Kimber along with Sue Kummer, assisted on both hikes. Bernard Goward led the first hike on July 24 for Y-Camp kids with 15 camp hikers.

I went to the YMCA early that August morning to check if all was “a go”. They were pleased to see me as that reassured them that we were ready.

We kept to same route through TJ Dolan  as before, a short kilometer or so,  which suited them knowing they were relying on city bus for return.

One boy was worried that there would be bears on the walk………..I kept him close behind me.

Tom was sweep and Cindy and Sue dispersed through middle.

Some kids love to chatter throughout the walk

We arrived at Health Unit around 11:15 am. During the snacks Cindy read 2 books to the group…. topic was forest animals i.e. bears…the boy fearful about bears was glued to every word.

The stories were a wonderful touch to hike’s end with  all of the kids attentive – nearly.

with Notes by Jane Foster and Tom Kimber