Avon Trail Digital Trail Guide Cover

Printable Trail section PDFs, are now available to everyone at a small cost. 

Paper trail maps are available as trail section pdfs that hikers can download from the Avon Trail website. The fee to download the set is $5 for Avon Trail members, $10 for non-members.  To purchase, go to the Shop tab on the website or click HERE.

Purchasers will be responsible for printing the Avon Trail section pdfs. These trail sections will appear in both terrain and satellite format. Parking locations by Km marker and safety cautions will be listed on the back of each map.  The Stratford Side Trail will be included in this paper map edition. Future re-routes to the  9.0 edition will be provided to purchasers without a charge. When changes have become substantial, Edition 10 will be produced.

Digital Avon Trail Maps ( Part 1 and Part 2) will be maintained and available for download, free of charge, to your mobile device using ONDAGO.